Updates to Passenger Fare Policies

Island Direct, the premium passenger ferry service connecting Auckland to Waiheke Island, is committed to continuously improving the travel experience for its customers. In line with this commitment, the company is introducing two important updates to its fare policies, effective May 13, 2024.
Updates to Passenger Fare Policies

Island Direct Announces Updates to Passenger Fare Policies


Cancellation Policy Update:


To better serve our passengers and streamline our operations, Island Direct has revised its cancellation policy effective May 13, 2024. The updated policy is as follows:


  • Passengers will continue to benefit from a full refund for cancellations made up to 24 hours prior to departure.
  • However, bookings cancelled within 24 hours of departure will be non-refundable.
  • Passengers have the option to manage their bookings online at islanddirect.co.nz and this has been extended until the departure time of their journey. 
  • This flexibility allows passengers to modify their travel plans to a future date without incurring fees.
  • To further encourage the use of our online booking management, a fee of $10 will apply to bookings that are changed over the phone through our customer service team. We encourage passengers to utilise our online platform for a quicker and fee-free booking adjustment experience.


Return Fare Price Increase:


In conjunction with the policy update, Island Direct announces a slight increase in its return fare price. The new return fare will be $55 ($27.50 each way), effective May 13, 2024. This adjustment ensures that Island Direct can maintain service quality and reliability without affecting other fare categories or frequent traveller fare prices.


Island Direct recognizes that these changes may prompt questions or concerns from our valued passengers. We assure you that these decisions have been made thoughtfully, with the aim of continuing to deliver an elevated passenger experience.


We remain dedicated to providing a friendly, reliable, and efficient service for all passengers, and we appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to improve our services.

For further inquiries or to book your journey, please visit www.islanddirect.co.nz or contact our customer service team at hello@islanddirect.co.nz.

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